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rsync to Amazon AWS server using PEM file

One liner here: rsync -rave –filter=’merge public/.rsync-filter’ “ssh -i /keypath/key.pem” $PWD/public/* ubuntu@

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How quickly copy one DB to another

Well, this is quite simple actually: mysqldump -u db_user -pYourPass -h database_name_from | mysql -u db_user -pYourPass -h database_name_to

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MS’SQL on Ubuntu Linux via PHP

Hi Folks, today we are going to install & use MS’SQL on Ubuntu Linux! Yay! Well, in fact installation is very simple with a tiny twists 😉 Installation (very simple): sudo apt-get install php5-mssql Now how to use it? PHP Code below: // Connect to MSSQL $link = mssql_connect($db[‘from’][‘server_ip’], $db[‘from’][‘username’], $db[‘from’][‘password’]); if (!$link) {     […]

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How to add new MySQL user from the command Line

Very simple actually. GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* to root@ identified by ‘secretpassw0rd’

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MS NAV Web Services to/from PHP, receiving and sending data

Some time ago I came across a project where I had to connect MS’NAV and Drupal, two completely different systems one is proprietary (hello MS) and another is PHP & MySql (welcome, open source!) There where few options how both systems could communicate automatically, but unfortunately REST was not available as an option on the […]

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Sendmail alternative – postfix on ubuntu (when PHP doesn’t send emails) in a few easy steps

Imagine you have your new shiny Ubuntu server. You installed your php, apache & mysql and everything seems fine until… you realised your system doesn’t  send emails. If there is a problem – there must be a solution! In our case it’s either install good (… not so in fact) sendmail or postfix. We decided […]

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Tissot SeaTouch – how to remove error symbol (for example after changing battery)

Have you seen that strange wrench symbol on your watch? I did! And AFTER I changed battery and had my watch pressure tested for as “little” as 43€ 😉 Manual says… TA-DA! Error – Contact service centre. Well, thanks guys! Actually it’s THEY did it to my watch! I had two options – go back […]

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HTML5 and … why it’s too early to use it in most of your projects

Well, today I decided to look into HTML5 and some statistics around it. First thing first – I went to the following page: and checked what is worth considering “an actual browser”. Here we go – my screenshot: Unfortunately most commonly used version of IE is… IE 8. Everything below, let’s say 3.5% (I […]

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Apache, how to protect directory with a password

Another Q&EG. Step 1: create .htpasswd file in your directory (or any other location on the server actually) htpasswd -c .htpasswd username Step2: create file / add following lines to the existing file; make sure AuthUserFile directive have full path. AuthUserFile /var/www/ AuthType Basic AuthName “Password Pup-up Title” Step3: Enjoy.

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Thoughts about HTML and development. HTML Nazi.

Well, being a Russian Grammar Nazi, as it seems, now I am starting to pick up the same approach in HTML (4.01 transitional / XHTML 1.1 transitional / … ). So, if you ask me, what can a real HTML Nazi hero do?   Step 1: First of all –  your pages must have Uber […]

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