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MS NAV Web Services to/from PHP, receiving and sending data

Some time ago I came across a project where I had to connect MS’NAV and Drupal, two completely different systems one is proprietary (hello MS) and another is PHP & MySql (welcome, open source!) There where few options how both systems could communicate automatically, but unfortunately REST was not available as an option on the […]

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How to install SVN server on Ubuntu (via dav_svn aka apache module)

Well, well, well. Today we are going to install subversion on Ubuntu server in a few easy steps. Step1: install all necessary software (considering Apache is up & running already) sudo apt-get install subversion libapache2-svn Step 2: Adding new user called “svn” sudo useradd -d /home/svn -m svn sudo passwd svn Step 3: creating repository […]

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