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Facebook – you failed me again… and again… and…

Facebook, how do expect anyone to develop anything for you if: your code samples provided don’t work your documentation page is broken and not accessible for over 6 hrs already there is no way of contacting anyone about issues above And to prove all above: And PHP SDK error page: Full day wasted. Thanks a […]

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Craft CMS & Twig Snippets

Some samples dumped here Related Entries (aka “entries” type field) {% set authors = craft.entries.section(‘newsAuthors’).relatedTo(entry) %} {% set auth = authors.first() %} Current Page URL {{ url(craft.request.path) }} How to get NEO/ Matrix Field in template {{entry.textWithSubtitle.first().subtitle}} Loop entire section {% for key,job in craft.entries.section(‘jobs’) %} OUT {% endfor %} Neo/Matrix fields with block types […]

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How to resize (make it bigger) partition on Ubuntu 14.04 in Command Line

Let’s assume you have new virtual Linux Server box running and you “suddenly” out of space. Shit. Well, you stopped your VM and increased the size of you hard drive from 20Gb to 40Gb, started VM again and… nothing changed. This is what I did: Sttep1: First i run cfdisk and removed swap (yes, you […]

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MS’SQL on Ubuntu Linux via PHP

Hi Folks, today we are going to install & use MS’SQL on Ubuntu Linux! Yay! Well, in fact installation is very simple with a tiny twists 😉 Installation (very simple): sudo apt-get install php5-mssql Now how to use it? PHP Code below: // Connect to MSSQL $link = mssql_connect($db[‘from’][‘server_ip’], $db[‘from’][‘username’], $db[‘from’][‘password’]); if (!$link) {     […]

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MS NAV Web Services to/from PHP, receiving and sending data

Some time ago I came across a project where I had to connect MS’NAV and Drupal, two completely different systems one is proprietary (hello MS) and another is PHP & MySql (welcome, open source!) There where few options how both systems could communicate automatically, but unfortunately REST was not available as an option on the […]

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Sendmail alternative – postfix on ubuntu (when PHP doesn’t send emails) in a few easy steps

Imagine you have your new shiny Ubuntu server. You installed your php, apache & mysql and everything seems fine until… you realised your system doesn’t  send emails. If there is a problem – there must be a solution! In our case it’s either install good (… not so in fact) sendmail or postfix. We decided […]

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Problems with mysql installation on Windows 7? Have been there…

Hi Folks! Today I run into an interesting problem with installation of MySQL on my new Windows 7 / 64bit. MySQL just didn’t want to be installed! And stopped during confuguration process. Tried many things, googled for solution, but in most of the cases people said something like this “as this is not your first […]

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RPM’s on Red Hat 5 and “yum”

RPM on Reh Hat Linux seems like a good solution, but sometimes it just gives you headakes and nothing else. Here are few good comand samples to use with RPM’s: To list all installed modules with “mysql-” name: rpm -qa | grep -i ‘^mysql-‘ Forced Update: rpm -Uhv –force MySQL-server-community-5.1.34-0.rhel5.i386.rpm And one more thing… don’t […]

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Changing Your System Path in Windows Vista

One of the things I didn’t find easily in Windows Vista help was how to change my system path permanently. For the temporarily session you may use my good old method of running commands in Command Prompt: Type “echo %PATH%” in CMD copy/paste into editor, add whatewer you need there, for example “c:\net\php5\ and c:\net\php5\ext\” […]

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Installing PHP & Apache on Vista

Everybody, who tried it, knows – installing PHP5 & Apache2.2 on Vista might be a little bit tricky (on Linux it might take a lot less time sometimes). Let’s assume we have Administrator access and latest versions of Apache. In my case it’s apache_2.2.10-win32-x86-no_ssl.msi & (note: I am not using .msi or anything similar […]

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