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Agile in general and Scrum in particular

Best video on Scrum I’ve seen so far:  

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HTML5 and … why it’s too early to use it in most of your projects

Well, today I decided to look into HTML5 and some statistics around it. First thing first – I went to the following page: and checked what is worth considering “an actual browser”. Here we go – my screenshot: Unfortunately most commonly used version of IE is… IE 8. Everything below, let’s say 3.5% (I […]

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Apache, how to protect directory with a password

Another Q&EG. Step 1: create .htpasswd file in your directory (or any other location on the server actually) htpasswd -c .htpasswd username Step2: create file / add following lines to the existing file; make sure AuthUserFile directive have full path. AuthUserFile /var/www/ AuthType Basic AuthName “Password Pup-up Title” Step3: Enjoy.

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HTML наци. Кто они такие?

Ну что же господа, я, будучи русским граммар наци, начинаю всё чаще использовать аналогичный подход и в HTML (4.01 transitional / XHTML 1.1 transitional / …). Вот Вы спросите меня, ну а что же отличает настоящего HTML Nazi героя?   Шаг 1: Ну для начала все твои страницы должны иметь Uber Alles HTML: это значит […]

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