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Thoughts about HTML and development. HTML Nazi.

Well, being a Russian Grammar Nazi, as it seems, now I am starting to pick up the same approach in HTML (4.01 transitional / XHTML 1.1 transitional / … ). So, if you ask me, what can a real HTML Nazi hero do?   Step 1: First of all –  your pages must have Uber […]

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How to install samba (aka smb) on Red Hat Linux /quick and easy guide

Well, well, well… Just a side thought: I am going to add new tag “Q&EG” (quick and easy guide) to all similar guides from now on. Step 1.1 – install samba via yum: yum install samba Step 1.2 – or via rpm: Obtain Samba rpm from rpm -ivh samba*.rpm Step 2 – config file […]

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Problems with mysql installation on Windows 7? Have been there…

Hi Folks! Today I run into an interesting problem with installation of MySQL on my new Windows 7 / 64bit. MySQL just didn’t want to be installed! And stopped during confuguration process. Tried many things, googled for solution, but in most of the cases people said something like this “as this is not your first […]

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