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How to select your JavaScript framework? Top 6 of frameworks.

… and not just “how to”, but also my preferred framework and why? Here is the list of frameworks available in the wilderness of the internet.

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Self running system Cat/toilet

All you have to do is to take: a) A cat b) A cat’s leash c) Toilet Then push system a little bit and now you have a self-running system!

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Installing PHP & Apache on Vista

Everybody, who tried it, knows – installing PHP5 & Apache2.2 on Vista might be a little bit tricky (on Linux it might take a lot less time sometimes). Let’s assume we have Administrator access and latest versions of Apache. In my case it’s apache_2.2.10-win32-x86-no_ssl.msi & (note: I am not using .msi or anything similar […]

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