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Well, being a Russian Grammar Nazi, as it seems, now I am starting to pick up the same approach in HTML (4.01 transitional / XHTML 1.1 transitional / … ).

So, if you ask me, what can a real HTML Nazi hero do?


Step 1: First of all –  your pages must have Uber Alles HTML: this means your HTML MUST be 100% valid (no exceptions); ready to pass a w3c validator at any given time of the day or night.
Like the idea? Welcome on board bro!

Have your code passed it? Zer Gut! Ja, ja! You just made fathers of a Third Reich proud, son!


Step 2: Next thing… CSS! yes, your CSS can (and MUST) be 100% valid CSS.

Test it here:
Didn’t pass? No problem! Suicide is your answer Please read documentation here: And don’t come back until it’s valid! Poor bastard Good hitlerjugend boy.


Step 3: You think that’s it? Wishful thinking, poor sucker my dear reader.
Have you ever heard an expression “Semantic HTML”? No?! Double face palm… (It’s me this time).

Well… there is no quick/easy solution to that problem now. Just remember few simple rules – Never and I mean NEVER, use following tags: <big>,<small>,<center>,<menu>,<strike>,<b>,<i>,<u>,<font>.
And it was  just a step three on a long, exciting journey to become a real HTML Nazi!

Get yourself familiar with:

But, this would be too easy, wouldn’t it?

Well, this is almost over, Mein Freund! That might be enough for the moment, but a new brighter and more exciting times are about to come!!!

Behold: Ze Semantic Web! Mua-ha-ha!!!


Step 4: Be all ready and prepared to face the reality of the glorious Semantic Web!

You can find more info here, it’s all fun, fun, fun!

Now as you finished reading, sit back and relax. You’ve just made me proud! And your website probably looks acceptable real gut to me now! Danke schön!


PS: If you lack a sense of humour please leave immediately!

© Arte Arefjev

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